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Song – Young Ah

Singer Sama Blake

Young Ah Hd Video Song

Young Ah Song Lyrics

Aye..ajje te main young ah life full of fun ah,
Gaddi main chalawan jadon hove panorama,
Puthe sade kamm ah jithe jawan drama,
Kayian layi lesson te kayian layi ghum ah,(x2)

Aeweiney ni kehnda main best ah,
Jadon da aaya main scene ch threat ah,
Flow mere sikhne soch ton bahr,
Kehnde illegal style mera..,

Loakn di sochan ne messed up,
Kitte main gaane release like a tester,
Hit je bange te main ki karan,
Follow hunn kardi mainu duniya,

Karda main singing nayi paise layi,
Kyunki Punjabi industry ch paise nayi,
Par fir bi mere kol paise ne,
Koi credit card nayi sab cash,

Veere 24×7 rehna main gharon bahr,
Mere Belgium te Holland ch karobaar,
UK vi main aana va car naal,
Gaddi bhari hundi meri ve maal naal,

Hunn karle tu guess what’s the best thing damn,
Ik weed ik main baki kujj naiyo hai,
Jehde ban de si bad ohnu karta main ban,
And they hating me now but I don’t give a damn,

Life ah session life ah.
Chayida nayi woofer na chayida amplifier,
Jiwein takeover kita si with Sniper,
Ajjkal perfect scene da hype aa,

Tera mera scene perfect,
Gal sunn meri take a seat in the back,
Darr na mere windows black,
Dekhda ni koi tainu chill reh,

Jadon da aaya scene ch main,
Tension lokan nu jeen na de,
I’m sorry ke leyanda big change,
Apologize karan for being the best,

Anh..why you care about the copycats,
Care about the wannabe’s,
Karde ne kamm apna ve das tainu ki,
Karna ve tu vi copy flow Hollywood de,
Bann na unique only I know what the truth is,

Anh.. chal chad galan sariyan,
Gaana ve tyaar mera tu vi kar tyaarian,
Suneya ve mere bare karna complaint,
Bach ke tu rawein kyunki city sadi same eh,

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