Mangni Song Lyrics Hd Video Mp3 Joban Sandhu: Watch the new latest Mangni Song Lyrics Hd Video Mp3 sung by the Joban Sandhu and the music composed by the Gagz S2dio while the lyrics are penned by the Jassi Kirarkot and the produced by the Sajjan Duhan Presentation by Pawan Chotian Video by Sunny Nahal under the banner or label of SMI Audio (SMI MUSIC)  So without wasting much more time scroll Down below the page and enjoy Mangni song.

Song: Mangni

Singer: Joban Sandhu

Music: Gagz S2dio

Lyrics : Jassi Kirarkot

Producer : Sajjan Duhan

Presentation : Pawan Chotian

Video by : Sunny Nahal

Music Label: SMI Audio (SMI MUSIC)

Mangni Hd Video Son

Mangni Song Lyrics

Bapu wale radio te geet daily sundi aan,
Sohneya sweateran main tere layi hi bundi aan,
Ve main bhajj bhajj kothe utte chad di,
Tere Ford di bidak rakhdi,

Ve jatta tere naal karauni mangni,
Somvaar de varat rakhdi, (x2)

Ve jadon jadon sohneya oh langhdi aa ned di,
Nikki bhain channa tera na leke chhedh di, (x2)

Ho mel milne di jugtaan faroldi,
Ve patti hoi teri akh di,

Ve jatta tere na karauni mangni,
Somvar de vart rakhdi, (x2)

Ho khetan vich paani jaddon laave tu shukeena ve,
Phata lekhe awaan hove poh da mahina ve, (x2)

Cherry bulliyan ton chup meri tidke,
Tu gall padh jaye balori aakh di,

Ve jatta tere naal karauni mangni,
Somwar de varat rakhdi, (x2)

Mangni taun saal baad houga viah ve,
Ehi gallon chadeya jeha rehnda mainu chaa ve, (x2)

Jassi khaab tere naal phere lainda,
Kirarkot de main raah takdi,

Ve jatta tere naal karauni mangni,
Somvar de varat rakhdi, (x2)

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