Gajanana Song Lyrics HD Video Mp3 Bajirao Mastani :- the wonderful motivating song from ranveer singh’s upcoming movie bajirao mastani which is based on a real story of Bajirao. Movie’s first trailer has out now and got loved by audience on social media site people are waiting for rest of song of movie. If we talk about gajanana song which is getting so much love from listeners as it released on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi this song got so many hits on every social media sites such as youtube and many more. Today we are going to share with you gajanana song lyrics and its hd video below.

Gajanana Song HD Video


Gajanana Song Lyrics

Sukhkarta dukhharta varta vighnachi
Nurvi purvi prem krupa jayachi
Sarvangi sundar uti shendurachi
Kanthi jhalke maar muktaphalaanchi

Jai dev jai dev jai mangal murti
Ho shri mangal murti
Darshan matre man kamana purti
Jai dev jai dev

Lambodar tu, vinayaka tu
Allah Ishwar moreya
Vigneshwar tu, Ek dant tu
Mayureshwara moreya..(2x)

Wakrtund tu, gajamkha tu
Siddhi vinayaka

Gajanana gajanana gajanana ganraya
Gajanana gajanana gajanana ganraya..(2x)

Ratnakhachit phara tujh gaurikumra
Chandanachi uti kumkum keshara
Heere jadit mukut shobhato bara
Runjhunati nupure charani ghagriya
Jai dev jai dev

Lambodar pitambar phanivar vandana
Saral sond vakratunda trinayana
Das ramacha vat pahe sadna
Sankati pavave nirvani rakshave survar vandana
Jai dev jai dev

Vignraj tu, mahataj tu
Mayureshwara moreya
Chintamani tu, sidhinayaka ganadishaye moreya
Vakratund tu, gajmukhang tu siddhi vinayaka
Vakratund tu, Gajmukhang tu siddhi vinayaka

Gajanana gajanana gajanana ganraya
Gajanana gajanana gajanana ganraya..(2x)

Gajanana ganraya..

Gajanana gajanana gajanana ganraya..(4x)

Hare Ram hare Ram
Ram Ram hare hare
Hare Krishna hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna hare hare..(3x)

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