Beautiful People Song Lyrics HD Video Mp3 Wiz Khalifa Ft Sia : There is an another brand new latest song Beatiful people by the most famous or popular singer of the hollywood music Wiz Khalifa. The song is sung by Wiz Khalifa And also featured by Sia, Sia is also a famous featurer of the hollywood music & albums. The Lyrics of song is tremendous while lyrics penned by Wiz Khalifa and music of the song composed by Sia. Wiz is a most popular singer and peoples wait for his latest upcoming songs all because of his great fan-following and people loves him alot and his songs too. Peoples or audience gives a huge or better response to this song. SO guys we dont waste your valuable time just scroll downn page and get all of the details of this song Beautiful People Lyrics HD Video Mp3 Wiz Khalifa Ft Sia below.

Beautiful People Song Lyrics HD Video Mp3 Wiz Khalifa Ft Sia
Beautiful People Song Lyrics HD Video Mp3 Wiz Khalifa Ft Sia

Song Cast And Crew

Song Name – Beautiful People

Singer – Wiz Khalifa Ft. Sia

Genre – Hip-Hop

Duration – 3:20


Beautiful People Song HD Video Mp3 Wiz Khalifa Ft Sia


Beautiful People Song Lyrics Wiz Khalifa Ft Sia

[Hook: Sia] x2
No we won’t say no
Beautiful people say “go, go, go”
Beautiful people don’t stress, stress, stress
We never rest
Beautiful people say “yes”

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
Uh, kills ’em
Took her home and the sex was so bomb she killed him
She don’t do thousands, she do millions
Take all that paper, stack it up to the ceiling
There’s a lot of ballers in the the building, and she’s trying to catch one
The last was the right nigga, the next was the best one
If she get a hold of you, problems, you’ll get some
Better get outta Dodge, outer space, Jetsons
She looked me into my face and lied
She put me into her mouth, I died
She took me back to her place
And showed me what’s left of the niggas who ever told me to never try

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Ooh, you ain’t even trying to catch a man
You just fall up in the club, doing what you do
New hair, new shoes, they’ve been told to stay away from you
But they break the rules
Sad to say but they deserve to lose
She’s a black girl, baby, they don’t lose
Should have payed attention to the clues
Now she stuck to you like glue
Now you like what, like who, write what, right there
Call you when you wanna roll up and make moves
Now the time’s up, now it’s clear
Gotta get the fuck up outta here
Real niggas gone do what they gotta do
Now baby-girl I ain’t hating, I’m just using some hesitation
Some niggas got beef with you, I don’t blame em
That’s that bullshit, so I’m skating.


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